May 17-19 2024

What is the festival all about?

The Festival is a LOT of fun, but we cannot produce this event without all of YOU! We are a nonprofit organization. We have two full-time employees, 10 volunteer board members, 60-80 volunteer chairmen, but more importantly, each year hundreds of volunteers turn out to put on an EPIC party!

Each volunteer receives a volunteer t-shirt, and a parking pass + Festival ticket for the day they work.

*One t-shirt per volunteer.

Thank you for choosing to volunteer at the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival Welcome to our Festival Family!
36 Years

Our 41st Year

However, we are more than a party. Each year, the festival infuses our local economy with over 1.5 million dollars. Additional proceeds from the festival go to community organizations, including school programs, military groups, dollars for scholars, and more.

It’s about the people.

Festival Facts


  • Balloons ONLY launch in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. Balloon launches are subject to cancellation or relocation due to weather conditions.
  • The Balloon Glow takes place on Friday & Saturday @ approximately 8:30pm (weather permitting)
  • Guests must be a minimum of 21 years old to consume alcohol
  • Concerts are included in the price of admission, but drinks, food, small events, and entrance to the VIP Lounge are additional.
  • We sell beverage tickets: Friday (3pm – 8:30pm); Saturday (10am – 8:30pm), Sunday (10am – 4:30pm)
  • We serve beer & wine: Friday (3pm – 9pm); Saturday (11am – 9pm); Sunday (11am – 5pm)


  • You can choose your venue and shift. We need volunteers throughout the festival, all 3 days.
  • If you are assigned to a serving position, you must be at least 21 and will be required to carry an ABC card. If you are not currently certified, you will receive an email with a link and a code to take your certification exam. Once you complete your training, you will receive a printable card – YOU MUST CARRY YOUR CERTIFICATION CARD WITH YOU DURING YOUR SHIFT.
  • Once you have reviewed this training and completed your venue training, you will receive an email with your parking coupon for the day you plan to volunteer. **You will receive a Cheat Sheet prior to your shift. Don’t forget to print it out and bring with you! ** You will hand your coupon to the parking attendant in exchange for a parking pass.
  • Go directly to the volunteer booth near the front gate to check in for your shift, receive your volunteer shirt, and your general admission ticket.
  • Yes! You can come early and enjoy the festival before your shift or stay after your shift and enjoy the remainder of the festival.


The Festival must observe a few rules in order to function well and keep everyone safe.

  • 1We want you to have a good time; however, while you are working you represent the Festival. No drinking on duty, and please do not show up for your shift intoxicated.
  • 2You must check in at the volunteer booth and at your venue when you arrive for your shift.
  • 3You must wear your unaltered volunteer T-shirt during the your shift, but we prefer that you do not wear it while enjoying the Festival.
  • 4If you leave the Festival grounds, you must have your hand stamped. Unfortunately, we cannot readmit you to the Festival grounds without a stamp. If you are coming back for a shift on another day, please request a parking pass at   the volunteer booth.
  • 5During Festival hours, you must enter and leave through the front gate ONLY.
  • 6You must carry your ABC card (if applicable) while pouring.
Thank You

We are thrilled you will be joining us for Festival. We hope you have a fabulous time in your venue, meet awesome people and enjoy the Festival! Without people like you, this Festival would not be possible! Not only do you help 30,000+ visitors engage in a one-of-a-kind experience, but you are also helping our local economy while ensuring nonprofit groups across the Valley receive funds for their organizations.

Seriously, We Can’t Do it Without YOU!