• Watch where you walk and drive. Do not drive and watch at the same time as balloon chase vehicles make sudden stops. If you are walking on fields, please avoid stepping on balloon canopies and ropes.
  • Dress in layers. It is sometimes very cool in the morning, but once the sun has risen, it warms up considerably.
  • Bring lots of sunscreen. Temecula’s bright sunshine and reflections can produce painful sunburn. Shade tents will be available for temporary relief.
  • Bring insect repellent.
  • Bring appropriate eye protection.
  • DO NOT SMOKE ANYWHERE NEAR THE HOT AIR BALLOONS. A lit cigarette could ignite a balloon’s fuel tank.
  • Balloons will be tethered and held down with heavy ropes during the balloon glow. Be careful that you don’t walk or trip over the ropes in the dark.
  • Enjoy the glowing balloons from a safe distance. Children and adults should stay a reasonable distance away from the balloons. The operators will be very busy providing a wondrous show for our guests.
  • Arrive early as it is a two lane road once inside the park.
  • Plan on it taking you awhile to get out of the park as it is a two lane road inside the park.
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi’s/Parents – Have them pick you up at the General Store just outside the Festival Entrance Gate.
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi’s/Parents – The main parking entrance closes to all inbound traffic at approx. 8:00pm so be sure to have your ride arrive prior and wait at the General Store for you.
  • Low profile beach chairs are acceptable (please be courteous of surrounding guests)
  • Personal umbrellas are acceptable (please be courteous of surrounding guests)
  • In/out privileges granted with hand stamp at exit gate (stamp changes daily)
  • Lost and Found located at entrance gate (blue/white stripped tent)
  • All hot air balloon activites are weather permitting
  • One (1) un-opened water bottle allowed per person (NO canteens, flasks or other personal refillable containers)
  • 30+ food vendors located throughout the festival grounds (offering a varity of foods, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Various food vendors offer breakfast starting as early as 6:00am in the food court area
  • No illegal or illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
  • No weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, pocket knives and self defense sprays
  • No flammable items or liquids including aerosols and fireworks
  • No markers, pens or spray paint
  • No facial masks
  • No outside food or beverage including alcohol
  • No bottles, cans, canteens, flasks, or coolers
  • No balloons, balls, inflatable balls, frisbees or flying disks
  • No tents, beach/golf umbrillas, ez-ups
  • No bicycles, skateboards, hover-boards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles
  • No drones or unmanned aerial vehicles
  • No animals except for service animals assisting an individual with a disability. “Comfort,” “therapy” or “emotional support” animals do not meet the definition of a service animal and are not permitted entry to the Event.
  • No laser pens, laser pointers, or similar focused light devices
  • No musical instruments, noisemakers or air horns
  • No professional cameras, flash cameras or video and audio recording equipment, or camera poles
  • Additional items may be prohibited at the discretion of law enforcement or security officials.

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